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I made this 3D Munchkin from diagrams made by Alberto Vitali, former MIB Cell Leader Italy.

I printed the diagrams onto two pieces of A3 paper as a cup for the winner of the Open German Championships 2005.

I wonder if there is any interest in these designs.

Shown here with German Munchkin 1 and 2.

War Cemetry Grebbeberg

War Cemetry Grebbeberg
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War Cemetery Grebbeberg was created to be to final reasting place of those who gave their live at the Grebbenberg defending the Netherlands when the German army invaded in May 1940.

Later, Dutch soldiers fallen in battle elsewhere in the country during the invasion or during the liberation were transferred from where they were buried to this site.

The cemetery currently has 800 markers.

I walked by each and every marker on the field and spoke the name of the fallen man to myself.
Every time I decided to give up, I told myself they hadn't and continued.

We will remember.

Amazon's pricing

Amazon's pricing
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What are we looking at here?

At the top you can see author Linda Nagata tweeting about het new fantasy nove The Dread Hammer publisher under her pseudonym of Trey Shiels.
She notes that the price is $2.99.

At the bottom you can see what Amazon is asking me: $5.74.

I know that people using a US-based IP-address will see $2.99, and it is no secret that Amazon divides the world in three areas: USA & Canada, the UK and the Rest Of The World.

US & Canadian based customers shop at Amazon.com and are charged one price.
UK based customers shup at Amazon.co.uk and are charged a second price (probably the original price + VAT).
The Rest of the World shop at Amazon.com and are charged a third price.

For this book the first and third prices are shown here: $2.99 and $5.74 resp. I haven't been able to find out what the UK price is, but I know it is higher than the US price.

When the Kindle Store was released in the UK Amazon told the Guardian that prices for the books would be higher due to higher cost.
A fair point, I think. (Assuming it is correct).

For books costing $10 at the Kindle Store the mark-up for European buyers, compared to US buyers, might be caused by one of three reasons:
- A $10 book is sold for €10,
- approx 25% is added,
- approx $2.50 is added.

When looking at this example, the third option seems likely, which unfortunately results in nearly doubling the price for the book.

All in all, I think there is still large improvements to be made in the world of the ebook.

The book, btw, is excellent.
Linda Nagata announced that she will soon join forces with Book View Cafe which offers excellent books for fair prices.

The price in the .co.uk shop is £2.08, about $3.40.